A vet’s first step into the wild: ‘A lot of these animals are not our own’

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The vet was stunned by the news.

She’s had to spend time training her dogs, feeding them, and teaching them how to walk.

But even after years of training and experience, there are still some dogs that aren’t as well trained as others.

She says some of the animals she treats aren’t accustomed to being out in the wild and that can cause issues with them being attacked.

She says it’s important to educate the animals, but also to get them the medical care they need to recover and return to the shelter.

The animals she’s been working with have come through an array of veterinary treatments, from vaccinations and surgery, to vaccines and other surgeries.

She also has dogs that have had surgeries, but that have been released into the city, where they have had to live in conditions they wouldn’t normally be exposed to.

She believes it’s just as important to give the animals the right tools for the job, to provide the best possible care.

“If we didn’t have the tools to protect them, we would have a lot of issues,” she says.

She wants her dogs to feel safe, and to be able to have fun and play.

“You know when we walk in a room, it’s really quiet.

We know when someone’s watching us,” she explains.

But the most important thing is to teach them the tools, and the right things.

“We have to be patient, and we have to know what’s in front of us.

We have to teach our dogs to respect us.

And we have a little bit of a chip on our shoulder, because we know what we have,” she adds.

She’s hoping to continue working with the animals for the rest of their lives.