Houston veterinarian says he’ll retire from his job after the state’s coronavirus outbreak

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Posted September 10, 2018 07:48:56 A veterinarian in the Houston area who has been in the news in recent months after the coronaviruses outbreak that began in March, says he’s retiring from his position at his current job after learning of the state of the emergency response to the outbreak.

In an interview with KHOU, Dr. Brian K. Shafer said that he had been asked to take a leave of absence by the Texas Department of State Health Services to take part in the coronivirus response.

He says he plans to be able to resume his duties at his former veterinarian’s office.

Dr. Shafers announcement came as the state continues to investigate a number of health problems that have plagued the state in recent weeks.

The Department of Health Services released a new update on Friday that says there are three deaths in the Harris County area, but says there has been no additional cases of the coronovirus.

The department also says there have been no reported illnesses among the general public.

A total of 11,000 coronaviroclasts have been recorded across the United States, including in the Texas Panhandle and in San Antonio.

The agency says it has collected more than 8,000 cases of coronaviral disease in the state, which is the highest total recorded since records began.

Dr, Shafer says he expects to resume work at his old clinic in January, which he says is his home base.

He also says he is working to raise awareness for his specialty in a letter to KHOU’s Jeff Smith.

Shauer has been working at the Harris Veterinary Medical Clinic since 1995, and says he has been a trusted veterinarian in Houston for many years.

He said the recent coronaviolirus outbreak in the area has had a “massive impact” on his practice.

He told Smith that he is “overwhelmed” by the public response and the work that he has done to fight the virus.

“I feel like I’m the only one who is actually standing up to this,” Shafer told Smith.

“The majority of people in this city and the state are not.”

KHOU reached out to the Texas Medical Association for comment, but has not heard back at this time.

In a recent interview, Shafer said he plans on remaining active as a veterinarian in his home state of Texas.

“It’s not a retirement.

I have a job,” he said.

“My main job is to be here and keep my family safe.”

Shafer’s retirement announcement came just one day after Dr. William R. Smith, the director of the Harris Veterinarian and Animal Hospital, announced that the facility has closed its doors and is no longer accepting new patients.


Brian Shafer is retiring from the Harris Vet Clinic in Houston.

He is a veterinarian and his current position at the vet clinic is no more.

He has retired to be at home with his family and will not be returning to work.

He will remain active with his local chapter of the Texas Veterinary Medical Association and will continue to provide training and services for vets in the community.

We thank Dr. Smith for all he has accomplished and wish him the best in his future endeavors.

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