How to fix our country’s opioid crisis

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Next Big Futures, a new podcast from Next Big News, takes a look at what’s driving the opioid crisis in America.

Host and journalist Adam Biry describes how the US and Canada are addressing the opioid epidemic by providing safe and affordable prescription opioids for the elderly, as well as providing support to communities struggling with opioid abuse.

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The podcast is produced by the nonprofit Next Big, which seeks to transform the way people learn about and consume information by focusing on the best ideas in the field.

The series will feature a series of guests each week that reflect on topics including the future of healthcare, the challenges of innovation and the importance of a vibrant, inclusive public space. is also the home of the Next Big Progress podcast, a series that aims to connect emerging and innovative ideas in medicine and technology to make a positive impact on the lives of those affected by the crisis.

The Next Big Podcast will feature guest segments from leaders in healthcare, innovation, and policy as well.

Listen below to hear from a panel of experts on what is at stake in the opioid overdose crisis.

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The Next BIG podcast series is produced for Next Big and Next Big Ideas, which aims to empower young people to understand the latest research and insights on emerging health, environmental, and societal issues.

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