How much is a $1 million ticket to play in the Broadway circus?

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A $1,000 ticket to watch the Broadway musical Cinderella, along with $500 in tickets to the Broadway show Frozen, is among the incentives to sign up to play at the Hollywood Crossroads Veterinary Hospital, according to the veterinary clinic’s website.

The Crossroads facility was founded by the actress Mia Farrow in 2005.

The veterinary clinic now has about 1,200 patients and treats more than 30,000 animals, according its website.

The cost of admission for a free ticket to see Cinderella in Hollywood, with a VIP ticket, is $5,400, according the Crossroads website.

A $100 VIP ticket is $2,200.

A $1-million ticket is only available to those with valid vet card and pays for admission to the show, which begins on February 15.

Tickets for the show cost $12 for adults and $9 for children ages 6 to 18.

The Crossroad website is no longer accepting orders for tickets, but the veterinary centre’s website shows they are still available.

Cinderella is scheduled to open at the Crossroad facility on February 14.