How to get vaccinated for the flu in Tucson

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A Tucson veterinarian has discovered how to prevent the spread of the flu with a simple vaccination.

Tucson Veterinarian Dr. Mark Wray said the simple, inexpensive vaccine can protect against the flu.

It’s an easy, simple vaccine that you can buy at any pharmacy and it’s been proven to work, he said.

“It’s a very simple vaccine,” Dr. Wray added.

“You just take a piece of a little plastic piece, put it in a glass of water and rub it on your arm.”

The vaccination works by taking out the virus from the nasal passages of the person.

It takes less than 10 minutes to do.

Dr. Wrye said it takes a little more time to be effective because it’s a single dose.

He said if you’re already healthy, it should be safe to take.

Dr Wray says he has received many requests for his vaccine and is happy to oblige.

He’s also hoping for a surge in demand in the coming weeks.

He says he’s got an extra supply of the vaccine ready to go.

“There’s going to be a little bit of a shortage, so I’m hoping that people can make it work,” he said, “because I’m not really going to get any compensation for my services.”

He says it’s important to get your shots as soon as possible after a flu pandemic.

Dr Nadeem Ahmed, a veterinary pathologist and assistant professor at Arizona State University, is helping with the research.

He told ABC News the vaccine should be available in a few weeks.

“We are definitely seeing more and more flu cases and we are just seeing more people who are being treated for flu,” he told ABC.