How to keep your pet safe on an airplane

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Bird veterinarian Dr. Stephen L. Kopp writes in the New York Times that you should take every precaution when handling and feeding your pet.

In his article, Kopp says that a bird’s immune system should be kept on a constant high alert.

“If it doesn’t hear you or feel your voice, that’s a sign that something is wrong,” he writes.

“And if your pet isn’t able to tolerate the noise or sounds of the plane, it’s time to call an air ambulance.”

The bird vet adds that you can keep your pets inside as well, but only if the cabin is clean.

“The bird cage, the crate and any other small items that can be left behind should be removed from the aircraft and checked for ticks, fleas, and other germs,” Kopp adds.

The veterinarian adds that the bird should be given antibiotics to keep the infection at bay.

“If you are unsure whether your pet needs a vaccine, or if the vet suggests you not give it one, it might be better to leave the pet alone for the time being, and call the veterinarian,” he says.

“When you’re flying, keep your eyes open, but don’t be afraid to let your eyes down and take a closer look.

Don’t take the pet out in public without first checking its ears and nose.”

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