How to make a vaccine to fight avian flu: how to develop a vaccine and a vaccine-like compound

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The US military is considering an experimental vaccine that could be administered to troops after they have recovered from the pandemic.

The military would test the vaccine in small doses to vets before they were given it to their troops, which would allow them to take it before they go to the front lines.

But the military has not disclosed the amount of the drug it plans to use.

The US Defense Department said it was testing the drug as part of its effort to develop new vaccines for the pandemics H1N1 and H7N9.

The pandemias led to the deaths of more than 7,300 people, mostly in the US.

The government has been developing a vaccine for those illnesses.

It has so far developed a vaccine that is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The vaccine would have been approved to use by the US military by 2018.

It would have to be administered by vets in the field before they are given it.

The Army and the US Navy, which has an airborne service, are testing vaccines in small numbers of troops.

But it is unclear whether those vaccines would be made available to troops before they receive them in the hospital.

The FDA approved the vaccine last year for use in vets who were being treated for flu.

A report on the new vaccine has not been released yet, but experts said that it is likely to be similar to the one developed by the Army.

The drug is a variant of the influenza virus that causes flu, and it has been shown to be very effective in preventing the virus from spreading.

The vaccines that the US Army is testing have been tested on vets who have recovered and tested negative for the virus.

The new vaccine, which is not approved by any federal agency, would be administered in small amounts to vets to help them stay well.

It is also expected to help soldiers recover more quickly from their illness, since it could give them time to catch up on other medical needs.

The Department of Defense said in a statement on Thursday that it would test an experimental flu vaccine it is developing.

The test is not expected to be ready for use until after the end of 2019, and is likely not to be offered to troops until later in the year.

The Navy said it would use the vaccine to help vets with other medical conditions, and that it expected it to be available to US troops later in 2019.

However, it said it does not have a timetable for when it would be ready.

The Pentagon has been testing the vaccine at Fort Campbell, Kentucky, which houses the US Marine Corps’ first and only veterinary medical facility.

The vets at the facility are also receiving a vaccine made by the company Vertex Pharmaceuticals.

Vertex has also developed a flu vaccine.

In February, the FDA approved a vaccine it said would be available by the end “of 2019”.

It said it had begun the vaccine development program after the US Defence Department asked it to test it.

A new vaccine for the flu virus has been approved by FDA and the Army, and will be administered at Fort Hood, Texas, in the spring of 2019.

In March, the US National Institutes of Health approved a trial of a flu vaccines for soldiers in Vietnam.

A small amount of vaccine has been tested in vets in Vietnam, which will be tested in the future.

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