Vet workers at Shiloh Veterinary Hospital resume work after 10 years of layoff

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Veterinarians at Shilloh Veterinary hospital have resumed work after a 10-year layoff in the midst of a national pandemic.

The employees, who had been on full-time status, will be able to resume their jobs starting Wednesday, said Dr. Dina Tzur, the hospital’s head of medical services.

The hospital has seen a surge in calls and visits from patients and family members who are worried about the health of their pets, Tzurg said.

Some staff members are now working from home, while others are staying at their homes or in apartments, she added.

A total of 740 veterinary staff were laid off over the past three years.

The staff members will be rehired in their positions once the pandemic has been under control, said Tzour.

The hospital will also make arrangements for veterinary patients who have received the vaccine.

The pandemic began on Feb. 1, 2018, and the number of new cases of canine coronavirus has risen from 6.2 million in January to 10.9 million in March, the highest in two years.

In April, the number was 2.7 million, with a spike in calls from patients with respiratory and gastrointestinal problems.

The center has not had to use its emergency room in more than a month.

Tzur said she is looking forward to working with the employees, and hopes that their lives will be filled with love and laughter.