Can you identify a dog with heartworm disease?

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Veterinarians are using a new tool to identify animals with heartworms.

They’re calling it a heartworm test and it works like a heart-shaped pinprick.

A veterinarian at a hospital in Kentucky recently sent out a questionnaire to veterinarians in rural areas asking for their advice on the best way to diagnose dogs with heart disease.

Heartworm tests are usually used in hospitals in the United States.

This is the first test the veterinarian has created to help determine if a dog has heartworm.

It’s an unusual tool for a lot of reasons.

For one, the veterinarians can’t see a dog’s heart in a hospital ultrasound.

Instead, they have to go through a process of examining the dog to see if there are signs of heartworms and how they can be treated.

The veterinarian then can identify the dog and treat it.

You can also use it to test for fleas or ticks in a home.

So far, the veterinarian says there’s been very limited testing.

He’s also had some dogs with signs of the disease and said he’s not sure how long it will take to test them for heartworm too.

But the test works very well.

“We are using it as a tool to help identify dogs that have heartworm, which is a pretty significant condition,” said Dr. David Tompkins, a veterinarian in Kansas City, Missouri.

Dogs can have heartworms in their intestines and liver.

There are two types of heartworm: the milder type that causes mild symptoms and the more severe type that can cause a more severe condition, like heart attack and death.

If you have mild symptoms, like fatigue, diarrhea, fatigue, fever and low body temperature, heartworms can be mild or mild and serious.

Once the dog is identified, a vet will perform a physical exam and a heart scan to see what’s causing the disease.

The dogs will have their heart scanned and then their heart and blood pressure will be checked.

If they have heart disease, a doctor will treat it and send the dog home.

If they don’t, they’ll have to have the dog euthanized.

If a dog is found to have heart worms, it will be euthanased.

The vet will send the body to a medical lab for testing to find out how long the dog had the disease before it was diagnosed.

If the dog survives, the vet will be able to identify whether it has heart disease or not and will decide whether to euthanize it.

If heart disease doesn’t come back, the dog can be euthaused.

The vets in Kansas are using the heartworm tests to help other vets.

They are also using the test to see whether dogs with a heart problem are able to eat meat.

People in rural communities are not always familiar with the word “meat.”

But this particular heartworm testing tool is very simple.

In addition to the standard questions, it includes the following questions:How many days has the dog been eating meat?

How long has the animal been eating it?

What kind of meat is the dog eating?

What is the amount of meat?

If the veterinarian is not sure, he can ask the dog’s owner if the dog has eaten meat before.

The veterinarian will also ask for the breed of dog the dog was originally given.

And he’ll ask the owner what kind of diet they’ve been eating.

Tests are being used in the area where the veterinarian lives and in other places where the vet is.

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