Why is Ripper’s killer dog now being kept on the lam

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A man who killed two women and a child after killing his own pet dog has been given a life sentence for the crime.

The South African convicted killer, who has no criminal record, killed the dogs with a bolt cut to the neck and then dumped them in a river in a bid to keep them safe.

His dog, Ripper, was the only one that survived.

Ripper is now being held at the South African Veterinary College in Cape Town, where he has been kept on a 24-hour curfew since the incident.

The state’s justice minister said he was considering the possibility of his death sentence being commuted.

Ricky is serving life for the murder of his wife, Kristy, and daughter, Jocelyn.

He also has a 10-year sentence for killing his three children.

The two women, aged seven, six and five, died after the attack in June 2014.

The woman and her daughter were attacked in the same house where the murders took place.