What you need to know about Memphis’ medical marijuana dispensaries

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When a vet needed a treatment, they might call Memphis’ Memphis Veterinary Specialists (MVS) or Memphis Veterinary Hospital (MTH) to seek medical help.

But now, with the city’s medical marijuana program up and running, they’ve been opening up to the public.

That means anyone with an addiction, a chronic condition, or even just a family member who needs to see a vet can get their eyes on a local medical marijuana dispensary.MVS has opened up a website and Facebook page to help vets get started.

“I want to be able to provide the care that I need, and it can be as simple as going to the veterinarian’s office and saying ‘I’m in pain,'” said MVS Director of Community Engagement, Chris Jones.

“The best part is that the vets can actually see what is going on inside their patient’s body, which means they can see how the medications are working, and that’s so important.”

Jones said MTH is the first facility in Memphis to be licensed to sell medical marijuana.

“We’re hoping that with this license, we can start to provide more options to our patients and give them the best possible care that they’re entitled to,” Jones said.

The site also has information on local dispensaries and offers advice on how to get started with a medical marijuana license.

If you want to get your hands on medical marijuana, you’ll need to call the City of Memphis Office of Health and Hospitals at 515-528-3700 or visit their website.

If that’s not your thing, you can also get a prescription at a local pharmacy or mail it in to the Memphis Public Health Department at 506 West Broad Street, Suite 400.

The public can also sign up to receive email updates about upcoming events and other news.

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