How to get a cat for free from a UK vet

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Wilkes Veterinary Hospital, Oxford University has announced the launch of a new app that will give you the option of getting your cat for an eye test or pet treatment.

The app, called Wilkes Vet, will allow you to book appointments, arrange pet clinics and pay a fee for treatment.

This will enable you to bring your pet into the Wilkes facility and get a free test or treatment.

You can access the app from the UK’s Department of Health website and select the option to receive your cat from the Wilke clinic.

The app will let you set up a cat care appointment or bring your cat to the clinic in your local area, where you can schedule a test or appointment.

You will then receive an email from the vet to schedule the test or visit your cat.

The vet will be able to confirm your cat’s condition and schedule your test.

The appointment will be available for two hours before the cat is due to leave the Wilkins clinic.

Wilkes has teamed up with the Animal Welfare Institute (AWI) to make this possible.

AWI has been involved in the development of a cat testing service called the Cat-Proof app.

The Cat-proof app uses cameras and GPS tracking technology to track the movements of your cat, which are then analysed to provide a detailed history of the cat’s health and behaviour.

The information is then used to calculate the appropriate treatment and make decisions on appropriate veterinary care.

This data is collected in real time by the Cat Proof app.

Wilkes vets have been operating in Oxford for the past six years and has a dedicated clinic in the Oxford town of Oxford Road.

The Wilkes clinic is also the only veterinary clinic in Oxford that is completely self-funded, and relies on donations to stay open.

The Wilkes veterinary clinic is the first UK veterinary clinic to offer free testing, pet care and veterinary services, with vets working from home and charging a fee of £150 per appointment.

This new app will allow vets to provide free tests, veterinary appointments and even pet therapy, all for a small fee.

The service will be free of charge to all vets in the UK and will be launched by Wilkes on Friday, November 4.

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