How to find top veterinary schools

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The Australian Veterinary College is a veterinary school in Adelaide.

It is also home to a top veterinary school which has an emphasis on working with the public and its graduates are often seen working as part of the public health emergency response teams.

In 2012, the school received more than $20 million in funding from the Australian Government.

While the school is a prestigious institution, there are some drawbacks to being an accredited veterinary school.

For one, accredited veterinary schools are limited to one-year residency.

This means they are unable to work with accredited health and social care workers and, as such, can only work in the community.

They can also only work on farms, or in areas where the public is concerned.

There are also limitations on the amount of training that accredited veterinary staff can receive, meaning that it is difficult for students to move up the veterinary ranks.

As a result, graduates are rarely given the chance to become accredited veterinary professionals.

According to the Association of Veterinarians of Australia, the average salary for a veterinary student is $80,000.

And while accredited veterinary training has a number of benefits, it is also an expensive process.

A number of organisations have raised concerns about the cost of accreditation and the lack of access to financial resources to pay for accredited veterinary care.

The Victorian Government has pledged to create a new $1.8 billion fund to support the establishment of accredited veterinary health and medical professionals.

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