How the Trump Administration is changing the future of veterinary medicine

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The president’s new plan to change the way America vets is already causing major issues for vets across the country.

This week, the Trump administration announced that it will require that all veterinarians must have at least one doctor who is at least 30 years old and a “specialist” with more than four years’ experience in animal health.

But many vets are still struggling to find new jobs in the new economy.

In an effort to address this shortage of veterinary doctors, the administration released a new rule in the Federal Register on Thursday that would require all veterinaries to recruit at least three new veterinarians each year.

But vets are already facing a shortage of qualified veterinarians in many states.

The shortage of veterinarians is also expected to result in an increase in the number of animals euthanized at the end of the year, as more vets are looking for jobs in non-vaccine fields like emergency veterinary care, food safety, or veterinary medicine.

While vets in some states are still waiting for the new rule to take effect, vets across all regions of the country are already scrambling to fill their new jobs, as thousands of vets are being put through rigorous training programs to become qualified vets.

The new rule will allow for the recruitment of up to 100 new veterinaries a year, and a maximum of four vets a year.

But there is no guarantee that these new hires will be the right ones.

There are a number of different ways that vets can choose to apply for jobs.

Many vets are also looking for positions in other areas of the veterinary industry.

For example, veterinarians who are interested in working as consultants can take a job in animal care, and many veterinarians have also considered being involved in animal husbandry or animal science.

But if a vet has a background in veterinary medicine and is ready to be a veterinarian, they should apply for a job as a specialist.

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