How the Oscars Changed Pets and Their Lives

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In the final weeks of the Oscars ceremony, a pet photographer was invited by the Academy to shoot the animals and their families, and she was stunned by the amount of pets and people who were at the ceremony.

Theresa Johnson, who has a dog named Chunk, shared her thoughts about the ceremony on social media, writing that “I was there and it was an amazing moment to see and to see all of the love for animals, and how it makes people feel.

I loved the energy of it all.”

She also wrote, “I would have never thought of bringing Chunk into the house with me.

I know it’s very intimidating, but we are both dogs and we are very independent and we love to explore the world together.”

Johnson added, “Seeing dogs in public is the best, most wonderful thing that can happen to a human being.

And I would love to be able to capture all of those moments with my dog, and bring them to life.”

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