Gulf Coast Vet dies after being attacked by shark

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Gulf Coast vet dies after getting attacked by a shark in her yard article Posted March 12, 2019 06:37:22 Gulf Coast veterinary technician Shauna Matson was attacked by the blacktip shark while working on a home veterinary surgery, her husband and her father told the ABC.

Dr Matson’s husband was with her and had called for help when she got into the water.

“We went down the ladder and she got hit and she went into shock and then she went in a panic and the dog got a hold of her,” her husband Michael Matson said.

He said the dog immediately pulled Dr Matson out of the water, dragged her down the driveway, then jumped her.

“[The dog] started dragging her in the water,” he said.

“We were all in shock and I said ‘what the hell’s going on?'”

Dr M, a retired teacher, said she tried to get away but couldn’t get away from the shark.

She was taken to hospital but died the next day.

Michael Matson, who lives in the Gulf Coast city of New Smyrna Beach, said the shark attacked his wife when she was out with her son, who was a vet.

They had been out and about, he said, when the dog ran into the yard.

“She was running down the back fence,” he told the Nine Network.

The Matson family was in shock, Michael Miltons said.

He said his wife, who had worked in veterinary surgery for almost 30 years, was only a year into a six-year career.

“I’ve been a vet for 30 years and this is the first time I’ve seen something like this,” he added.

“It’s absolutely horrendous.”

There’s no way that a dog could have got that close to a shark, she was in such a great shock.

“The attack happened at about 11:30pm on Wednesday, March 11, in the small community of West Point, in a suburb of Sydney’s CBD.

Two women, one a dog trainer and the other a veterinary technician, went out for a walk when Dr M got in the pool to check on her dog.”

As soon as she got back in the paddock she was hit and I saw her on the floor, and I just knew she was going to die,” Dr Milton said.

The dogs were released and Dr M was taken back to hospital.

Her son, Dr Kaitlin Matson-Wright, said he had been with his wife for more than 20 years.”

He’s very, very shaken up by what happened,” he said.”

And she was the first vet he’s ever worked with.

“He said she had had “a really good life”, and that she was “the sweetest person you could ever meet”.

Dr Miltions son said he did not know his mother and his wife well.

Both had a passion for veterinary care, and had worked with animals for the past 30 years.

He was shocked that his mother had died.”

The worst thing I could say is that it is heartbreaking,” he.

His mother had always been a very active animal trainer and was a volunteer at the local vets, Dr Mitchons son said.

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