Dog euthanized after pet-friendly vet shop opens in Cork

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MADISON, Ohio (AP) A dog that was euthanased after it got stuck inside a pet-centric veterinarian shop in Cork, Ohio, was rescued by a police officer after it was left for several hours in the sun.

The dog, named Micky, was found by police on Tuesday afternoon by an employee at Pet Mart Veterinary Clinic in the area of Old Main and Main streets.

The store owner, who asked not to be identified, said Micky was a large black pit bull mix.

He said the dog was on his property when he noticed the dog wandering around and started asking for directions to the pet store.

“He said he saw it in the parking lot and went outside,” the employee said.

“It was a little late, he said, and he went back inside and started running around and calling people and people called him.”

When Micky wandered off, the employee went to the store and called the police, who took the dog to the vet.

A witness reported that Micky had been on the patio of the Pet Mart for about two hours when he began to wander out.

“Micky was very upset, very scared and he had no idea why he was being attacked,” the witness said.

The witness said he tried to calm Micky down, but Micky continued to wander away.

“I put my arms around him and tried to comfort him and then he just went back to the patio,” the person said.

Micky’s owner said the police officer who took Micky said the man didn’t have a license to operate a business.

Police spokesman Sgt. Mike Smith said Mandy had been placed in quarantine after getting trapped in the store.

Mandy, who was 7 to 10 months old, was euthanasia certified and is in quarantine, Smith said.

Police are investigating what led to the attack.

Smith said he could not confirm if Micky and his owner were involved in a fight or any other incidents.

The owner of Pet Mart did not immediately respond to a message seeking comment.