‘We can’t be blamed for what happened’: Vet blames pet owners for a dog that attacked another animal

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Veterinarians in Spain are blaming pet owners who allow their dogs to wander outside for a vicious attack on another animal.

Animal rights campaigners have criticised the behaviour of three-year-old Chichu, who had been roaming free in a city park.

They say the dog had already caused suffering to an animal that it was expected to be the one to care for.

The dog, named Chichua, had previously attacked another dog and a cat.

Chichua was eventually tranquilised by police, but the attack on the other animal was far more serious.

The attack was filmed on CCTV, with Chichaua repeatedly running at the animal, causing it serious injuries.

Chicheu’s owner has now launched an online campaign to find her missing dog.

She said: ‘He is a very affectionate dog, very playful, he loves to play with people, and he loves the sun.’

She said Chichus aggression was due to a combination of lack of exercise and neglect from the owners, who neglected their pets.’

We were just so stressed, we were having such problems,’ she said.

Chchu is now being cared for by Spanish vets, who are using his name in the hope that other people can take in a dog with such a history of aggression.’

I have been called an animal abuser, a criminal and a murderer,’ she told the BBC.

She added that the incident was ‘one of the saddest moments of my life’.

Ms Chichuan said the animal was taken from the park by the city council and has since been moved into a veterinary facility in Alicante.