Why vets at Elk Creek are taking a stand

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A veterinarian at Elk Canyon veterinary hospital says he is taking a knee during the national anthem.

EKV’s Dr. Scott Jones says he and his staff have been on the receiving end of hateful comments and attacks during the recent national anthem protests in the US.

In a recent email, a caller to his voicemail described a “fringe” group of vets who were not loyal to the US military.

Jones said the comments were so out of character that he didn’t think he was speaking to a fringe group of vet who were against the military. 

The vets were there because they love the US, Jones said.

“I know that when you come out of a military career, you’re not going to be the first person to take a knee and say ‘I love the American flag,'” Jones said in an interview.

He added: “The American flag is a symbol that should not be taken as a sign of disrespect.

The flag should be used as a symbol of patriotism, not a sign that somebody is disrespecting the flag.” 

EKVs Dr. Ryan Moore, right, and Dr. Matt DeHart, left, speak during the National Anthem on Nov. 16, 2017, at the Elk Creek Veterinary Medical Center in Elk Creek, Texas.

 EkV’s Jason Stover, left and Dr., Scott Jones, speak to the media at ElkCreek Veterinary Medical Centre in ElkCreeks. 

In the video Jones posted to Facebook, the veterinarian says he didn�t know the people involved in the protest were part of the Vet Association, which represents vets.

But he does know that vets who take a stance on the flag are a minority.

“We don�t want to become a minority, but we are the minority,” Jones said of vets.

“We are the only minority that is not in support of the military.”

Jones said he was also not going anywhere during the anthem.

The Vet Association says it will hold a special meeting in December to address the issue of vets taking a stance against the national flag.

Ekv’s Dr., Jason Stovall, speaks during the annual Vet Day at Elk Caves.

For Jones, this was the first time he had been involved in protesting.

Last year, a white protester wearing a mask and a hooded sweatshirt interrupted the Veterans Day ceremony at the Vet Center.

Jones was among several vets to interrupt the ceremony and march through the city.

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