Why a doctor in Fresno could be the first to die from Ebola

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A Fresno doctor could be one of the first people to die of the Ebola virus, a hospital spokeswoman said Thursday.

The doctor, Dr. James A. Dominguez, was in the intensive care unit of the Fresno Veterans Medical Center when he died of the virus.

Doms was in quarantine at the time, said Jennifer Johnson, a spokeswoman for the Fresno Health Department.

Domes condition worsened and he was transferred to the emergency room in critical condition, Johnson said.

He was hospitalized with pneumonia and died in a hospital on Friday.

It was the first person to be hospitalized with Ebola in Fresno since the coronavirus outbreak there began in February.

Domenes funeral will be held in Fresno on Saturday, Johnson added.

The hospital said Doms health deteriorated on Wednesday and that he was taken to the intensive-care unit.

It’s unclear whether the virus has returned to Fresno.

It had been thought that Domingues death was related to the coronacovirus, but it’s not clear how widespread the virus is in Fresno.

Domeys wife and the family are from Fresno.

His father, John, also a veterinarian, was treated in isolation in Dallas after being infected with Ebola.


Fresno Police Sgt. Jason DeAngelo said the Doms family was being held in isolation at a Fresno County facility.

He said that the family was told to stay inside their house and not to leave the house except for medical needs.

The family had a contract with the Fresno County Department of Public Health to provide care to the public, DeAngelo added.

A spokeswoman for California Governor Jerry Brown did not immediately respond to a message seeking comment on the state’s quarantine protocol for Ebola patients.