Why are we still using the word ‘veterinarian’?

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An Israeli veterinarian has become the latest Israeli politician to declare that the term ‘vegetarian’ is “totally inappropriate.”

Veterinary technology company CannaCare has been using the term “veterarian” in its advertisements and social media pages since 2009.

The company has said that it will stop using the terms and will focus instead on the word “vaccine technician,” which is an umbrella term for people who specialize in vaccinating pets.

“We do not use ‘vets’ in the company’s advertisements and we do not make any reference to our veterinary tech in our social media posts,” CannaLife said in a statement on Monday.

“Our aim is to create an environment where all people can freely express their unique talents in the technology industry.

We would like to clarify that we do use the term VetTech and we have used it in the past.”

The Israeli government’s Department of Animal Welfare has also announced that it is not planning to use the word VetTech in its advertising.

The statement added that the government has recently launched a campaign called “Veterinary Technology,” which aims to educate people on the importance of using the technology in their everyday lives.

The Israeli Medical Association, a pro-Israel lobbying group, has also criticized the company, calling its use of the term unacceptable.

“The Israeli Government does not want to see a shift in the name of its veterinary technology sector,” the group said in an open letter.

“We are deeply concerned about the use of such terms, especially when they are not used in reference to the technology itself.”

The company also rejected accusations that it was deliberately distorting the word, calling the criticism “unfounded.”

“It is our position that it does not fit with the image of the company,” the statement said.

“It is clear that the company has a different view of the word than the public, which is why we have chosen to keep the company name.”

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