Why you’re more likely to get a vet visit at the dentist

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You may think you can afford to pay the $100 for a dental appointment with a professional but there are a few reasons why it’s not going to happen for you.


You’ll need to pay an extra $300 or so. 2.

You’re not eligible for the government dental program that provides discounted rates.


The dental clinic is a business, which can add another $10 to the bill.

You can also get in touch with your insurance provider if you’re concerned about a dental trip.

If you have an insurance plan, you can ask them to send you a bill.

The Dentist is the newest addition to the Premier Vet Program, which is one of three programs aimed at providing low-cost veterinary care to seniors and people with chronic health problems.

For seniors, it’s a great program that helps them afford private health care at a fraction of the cost of traditional health care.

If they are over 65, it will help them access low-income care, like dentistry and physical therapy.

Veterinary care for people with serious medical conditions has become a major priority for the provincial government, and the province has made the dental program a priority by extending the eligibility for dental benefits.

The Premier Vet program has become so popular, it is now also available to all residents of Alberta, and it is expected to expand across the province.