‘We have no regrets’: Bakersfield Vet’s family speaks out after death

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A Bakersfields family is devastated by the death of their dog, who was found by a homeowner in his garden on Wednesday night.

The dog, named Jack, had been taken to the veterinary hospital after the attack.

His owner said he was a “nice dog”.

“We are just heartbroken, but also relieved that the dogs are now safe and sound,” family friend Javi Diaz said.

Jack was a two-year-old German shepherd who had been at the Bakersburn Pet Hospital since the weekend.

“It’s just a miracle he’s alive,” Diaz said, adding Jack had a heart condition.

“We can’t get over it.

He’s our hero.”

Jack was taken to a vet on Wednesday for a scan.

It is believed the attack occurred at about 7:30pm.

The family is hoping to get Jack discharged and on to a permanent home soon.

The animal was brought to the Veterinary Emergency Service at the hospital.

“They put Jack on a sedative and let him go in the room,” Diaz told the ABC.

“I think he’s probably got a few things that need to be taken off him, but he’s very responsive and he’s so happy.”

Jack, who lived in the family’s Bakersburg home for four years, is now at the Veterinary Hospital.

“Jack’s an amazing dog,” Diaz explained.

I’ve never seen anyone be so upset.””

The dog is a huge loss to the community.

I’ve never seen anyone be so upset.”

Jack has been adopted from a breeder who lives in the community and is now living with the family in the backyard.