Why Madison Vet Clinic isn’t closing for good

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The Madison, Minnesota, veterinary clinic is shutting down its doors as the state struggles to fix a backlog of patients, according to a report from the CNN affiliate WCCO.

The Madison Veterinary Clinic was once the nation’s busiest veterinary clinic and served over 7,000 patients over the past four years, according a report by the Minnesota Department of Health and Human Services.

Madison’s veterinary practice closed its doors for good earlier this month and is expected to reopen in the coming weeks, according the report.

The state is facing a $1.8 billion backlog in the state’s overcrowded emergency room system, which was created in 2016 to help patients with chronic conditions get treated quickly.

The medical center also provides services to people with disabilities.

The closure of Madison’s facility is a blow to the community, said Madison Mayor Joe Stauffer.

“We were in a position to get the emergency room in our state up and running in a timely manner, and we did not do that,” he said.

The city’s chief of emergency services said it’s “a difficult time for the people of Madison, as the closure of our Madison Veterinary clinic will leave an irreparable impact on our community.”

He added, “We are committed to bringing new care and services to the area.”

The state said it has received 1,700 new applications for services from people with mental health issues, including people with PTSD.