Vets to use absorbine veterinary gel to treat abscesses

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Veterinarians are using a veterinary ingredient that’s been used in the cosmetic industry for decades to treat a type of abscess that’s a common condition in the veterinary industry.

The gel is called Absorbine Veterinary Liniment, or AVL.

It’s made from the amino acids lysine and tryptophan.

Veterinarian Chris McAllister said he’s been using it for about five years.

“I use it with all kinds of different types of things,” he said.

“And I just love the fact that it really works.

It works by slowing down the progression of the abscess, which can lead to inflammation.””

McAllister has been using the gel for more than a year.

It works by slowing down the progression of the abscess, which can lead to inflammation.”

The more the absoccosis goes, the more you can try to prevent it,” McAllisters wife, Mary, said.”

You know, it helps if it’s an infection that’s not causing pain, it’s not affecting the other tissues or anything like that.

You can do a lot to keep the infection from spreading.

“The AVL also has an antimicrobial effect, meaning it helps fight off bacteria.

McAllisters and Mary say they were surprised at how effective the gel is.”

We were really surprised by how effective it was,” Mcallister said.

In his practice, he said, there have been about six cases of absoccoses and two deaths.

He said he has had patients who were hospitalized and who have died, so it was good to see a result.”

It’s very effective, but it’s also very important to know that there’s no known side effects,” he added.

I’m going back to the woods to be with her and have a few days with her,” he joked.