How do I find a veterinarian in Memphis?

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In January 2018, Memphis veterinarian Dr. Mary Jane Moore-Wright became the first African American to be named Memphis Vet of the Year.

The accolade came despite Moore-Warner being African American and a nurse practitioner.

Moore-Woights experience in animal health led her to the Memphis Animal Services department, where she found a vacancy.

As an intern, she met Dr. Robert Woodson, who had become involved with animal care in Memphis and had become an advocate for African Americans in veterinary practice.

MooreWarner and Woodson began to collaborate on her new veterinary residency program, where the two shared their expertise in animal care and medical care.

In 2018, Woodson became the dean of veterinary medicine at Memphis College of Veterinary Medicine, and he later took a position at the University of Memphis.

The new clinic was named after Moore-Woodson, and in 2018, it was renamed the Memphis Veterinary Clinic.

This clinic continues to honor Woodson by dedicating the clinic to him and Moore-White.

“I am grateful to all of my wonderful mentors and colleagues at Memphis Veterinary Clinics for this opportunity,” Moore-WHW said.

“This clinic has given me the chance to learn more about my patients and the care they receive.

This is the place to get me the answers I need to be the best vet I can be.”

The new vets clinic was one of many additions to the clinic’s mission.

In the new clinic, the vets also work to improve the quality of the care that they provide.

For example, they are working to increase the number of appointments in the clinic, increase the quality and frequency of appointments, and make the clinic accessible to underserved populations.

In addition, the clinic has partnered with local animal shelter organizations to offer discounted vet visits to undersized pets.

These discounts are part of a partnership between the clinic and the Memphis Humane Society.

In 2019, the Memphis Vet Clinic also added the first indoor facility, where veterinarians can interact with pets in the comfort of their homes.

The clinic also launched a mobile clinic where they can deliver and deliver care to undershed pets in Memphis.

“The clinic is proud to be working with the Humane Society of Greater Memphis and its partners to provide veterinary care to our city’s homeless,” said Woodson.

“We look forward to working with our residents and visitors to keep the Memphis pet community healthy, safe, and happy.”

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