Why are you so scared of cats?

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What is the biggest fear of cats in Australia?

The big cats are everywhere, including in our homes.

That’s why I’ve decided to share the top 10 fears and misconceptions around the cat.1.

Cats are predators1.

Most people are not as clever as they think.

If you live in a city, you’re likely to encounter a few cats.

Cats have a very specific diet and are not always smart enough to understand how to make themselves safe.2.

Cats will hunt you if they see you.

This may sound like a big statement but I can assure you, they will.

It’s very easy to get a cat to chase you if you leave them alone in your house for too long.3.

Cats can be very aggressive if you don’t put enough food in your bowls.

Cats like to eat every part of you and are usually very hungry when they feel like it.4.

Cats don’t get excited and they won’t play with your toys.

Cats aren’t particularly social and are likely to avoid you if your house is crowded.5.

Cats love their owners.

If your cat does not like you, it will just go somewhere else.

Cats need to be protected from people.6.

Cats live in small spaces and they are a good match for most furniture.

If cats are allowed to roam freely, you’ll be happier.7.

Cats hate to be disturbed and they don’t have any natural fear of humans.

Cats should be allowed to have some time alone with you.8.

Cats cannot smell a human or an animal.

This is a myth and a complete lie.

Cats do not sense humans or animals.9.

Cats only like to be petted.

This means that if you want to be friendly, you should give them a big, affectionate hug.

Cats prefer to be held by their owners or other cats.10.

Cats really love cats, they just don’t know it yet.

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