The Valley Vet hospital where cats are euthanased after eating human meat

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The Madison Veterinary Specialists is in the process of shutting down after receiving death threats and being labelled a “drug den” by the media.

It’s not the first time the Madison veterinary hospital has been labelled a drug den.

In 2011, a woman named Erin Marie Stoner was allegedly “lured” to the hospital and killed by a “patient” who claimed to have treated the patient, but then allegedly left a note saying she had a heart attack.

“I was there to treat her.

I don’t think she was ever diagnosed with cancer,” Madison Veterinarian Paul Noll said.

“But she was a very, very sick, very distressed patient.”

“And the next day she got a note from the doctor that said ‘She had an emergency heart attack.'”

So there was a little bit of a muddle there because she was in a bad way.

And then a little more muddle with a note, and that was the end of it.

“Stoner’s death was ruled an accidental, and the facility reopened two years later, but the Valley Vet has since closed.”

We are very saddened by the events of last year,” Noll told ABC News.”

It’s obviously a very sad time for us and we’ve got a lot of work to do to rebuild the facilities and get back to what it was like to be a vet when the internet was a thing.

“And there are still people in Madison who are very sad about what happened.

They can’t go into Madison anymore.”

Noll said that since then, the Valley has been working with the Madison Police Department to identify the “victims”.

“They were identified through DNA analysis, and so we have started to identify those who have been involved in the events that happened there,” he said.

“There are still some who haven’t come forward and we are still working with them.”

“It is a sad day in the Madison Valley when we can’t even have a normal day at the vet.”

The Valley vets will continue to treat people who are seriously ill and who are at risk of being euthanised, but will no longer accept people who have had a medical emergency.

“Our staff will continue working on the cases that we’ve identified,” Nell said.

The Madison Valley Vet is located at 1001 South Main St, Madison, Wisconsin, 55802.

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