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By now you should have read a lot about Merck’s veterinary manual and its latest update to the Merck Veterinary Manual. 

If you’re looking for the Merk Veterinary Manual now is the time to buy it.

The company is currently listing it for $12,800 and it’s been on the market for more than three years.

The Merck Manual is a digital edition that offers up the latest veterinary technology, information and tools for the care of your pet, and a whole lot more. 

It’s available in both print and electronic formats, so if you’re a professional who wants to know what to look for in a new medication, you’re probably going to need to have a copy to take with you. 

I’ve already reviewed the Merks latest update to the Merchants Veterinary Manual, and I’m sure you’ve read some of the highlights from that.

Here are my favorites: 1. 

How to treat and prevent allergies. 

In addition to a complete list of medications, you can read more about allergies and treatments for the condition. 

You’ll learn how to prevent and treat allergies, as well as how to manage allergies.

The viral health and nutrition section has a list of recommended food items, which you can purchase to keep your pet healthy. 

There are also fitness related features in the training section, including a step-by-step guide for using biofeedback to help your pet with exercise, and a list of exercise programs for your pet. 


What to look out for in your pet’s diet. 

To help you understand what your pet eats, the virus health and nutrition section features a table of nutrients that you can add to your pets diet to help it get the most nutrients it needs. 


The best way to check your pet for viral infections. 

This section gives you tips on how to check for and treat viral infections for your pets. 


Determining if your pet is underweight. 

A list of common viral infections is provided and you can use this to determine if your animal is overweight.


Tips for keeping your pet fit and healthy.

This section is a great resource for pet owners who are looking to help their pets get fit and stay healthy.

It offers tips on what to do when your pet has a sore or inflamed belly, and tips on the best ways to care for your animals when they get sick. 


Best ways to treat a viral infection. 

Here’s an overview of some of Mercks most popular veterinary medications, along with how to treat each type of infection.7. 

When to take your pet to the vet. 

Another section in the Merkoz Veterinary Manual includes tips on keeping your pets health and well-being at optimal levels. 


Vaccination information and how to vaccinate. 

Check out the vaccination section for more information on vaccines, the flu shot, and more.9. 

Treatments for viral illnesses. 

While vomiting is one of the most common infections, there are other ways to help prevent a viral illness. 


Where to get the Merz Vet Manual.The Merck Vet Manual is now available in both paper and digital formats, which makes it a great value.

It can be purchased on, at and at other online retailers. 

1st edition.

$12.800 2nd edition. 

$12,200 3rd edition.$11,700 4th edition.  $12.300 5th edition, with a complimentary digital download of The Merks Vets Veteran Manual.

 Free for one year. 

 The Merchants Veterinary Manual is available at Amazon. 

(click here for the Kindle edition)