Which veterinarians will be able to take on the 2018 PSA challenge?

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Auburn Veterinary Hospital is getting the new PSA veterinary hospital treatment, and the new facility is also expected to be able take on this year’s challenge, according to a report from TechRadars site.

In the meantime, Auburn’s veterinary hospital will be busy with PSA training this year.

According to a release from the hospital, training for the PSA is now in its third year and is expected to continue through 2019.

“The training and certification program is expected as well,” the release stated.

“Veterinarians will work in an efficient and professional manner, taking care of patients who need to be cared for.”

The training will focus on the proper care of animals, including the proper use of anesthesia, veterinary care, and proper care and maintenance of their veterinary equipment.

The hospital is also planning to be a part of the PSC’s PSA Challenge, and has hired a certified PSA trainer, which should make the training program easier for vets.

Veterinarian Dr. Jeffrey A. Stansbury, the chief veterinarian of Auburn, said the training for PSA will be in the PSPA and will involve a wide range of PSA experts and vets from all over the world.

“We’re looking forward to having our PSA team train and evaluate the Auburn Veterinary School and to helping train and train again the veterinary community to ensure the best practices are in place and we’re working to improve,” Stansburys PSA chief veterinarian, Dr. Michael B. Stroud, said in a release.

“The Auburn Veterinary Institute will also work to provide the PsiCA with the resources to support the training of our PsiCo members.

We are excited to have this opportunity to work with these experts.”