California vet who treated dog found dead after botched euthanasia

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A California veterinarian who cared for a dog who died after suffering a botched euthanase has been arrested, police said.

Key points:The dog’s owner and another vet said they were not given adequate information by the police about what happened to the dogThe dog, named ‘Bud’, died on March 2 after being fed a lethal dose of an experimental drug in the hope of curing a severe case of canine distemperThe dog died of the condition in an animal hospital in Bakersfield, California, on MondayThe dog was euthanased at the hospital after an accidental overdose of an anti-convulsant drug.

The owner and the other vet said that they were told that the dog had been fed a dose of the drug “Bud”, which causes severe convulsions and is thought to be a first-time use in the United States.

Bud’s owner, a veterinary technician, told ABC News that the vet gave the dog a lethal injection after a failed attempt to save his pet from suffering a heart attack.

“She was really sad, and I felt bad for her,” said the owner, who did not want to be named for fear of retribution from the local veterinary community.

“But I couldn’t believe she didn’t get the information from the police that this is a first drug, and we should be given a dose.”

It’s very difficult to do a vet euthanasia because we have to give up our rights, but it’s not like they told us it was the same dose we’ve been given in the past.

“I feel bad for them because they didn’t do the proper thing.”

What they were doing was wrong.

“Bud was taken to a veterinary clinic in California and then taken to another hospital in Los Angeles.”

There was no discussion about what to do with this dog,” the owner said.”

The vet just put the dog in a bag, and when we came out, it was all white.

She looked like a ghost.

I didn’t know why she was dead.”‘

The dog ate her own leg’The owner said that when he went to the veterinary clinic, he found the dog’s leg missing from the back of her body.”

The owner then contacted police, who said they had been informed about the situation.””

I tried to call the hospital and tell them she was sick and we need to see a doctor, but I got no response.”

The owner then contacted police, who said they had been informed about the situation.

“They said that we needed to come back to their office, so we did,” he told ABC.

“The dog did eat her own legs.”

The dog had died on Thursday.

“Bud did not have any problems before she was put on the drug,” the veterinarian said.

The dog has now been buried.

Police said that “there was no indication of foul play” in the case, which is still under investigation.