Why do dogs in Calgary live in condos instead of homes?

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The Calgary area is experiencing its first ever mass evacuations following the devastating wildfire.

With the city still recovering from the fire, residents are being urged to move away from their homes in the surrounding neighbourhoods and to shelter in place.

Many are opting to take advantage of the low cost of living to make the move, with some even turning to Craigslist for a place to stay.

“If you’re not sure how to get out of there, or how to move, there are a few options,” one Calgary resident told the CBC.

“It’s kind of a grey area.”

The wildfire destroyed thousands of homes in Calgary’s Burnaby, Alta., community and prompted a dramatic increase in evacuations.

People in the neighbourhood, which sits on Calgary’s west side, are being encouraged to stay put as the fire continues to burn.

Calgary’s firefighters are still battling the blaze on the city’s east side, and the city has not declared a state of emergency.

On Tuesday, Alberta Premier Rachel Notley said she would announce her provincial disaster declaration for the region on Thursday, although there are no official updates on the situation.

Alberta Premier Rachel Toews has also said the province would be prepared to offer assistance to Alberta’s neighbouring provinces in the event of a disaster.

For many, however, the decision to move will be difficult, if not impossible.

“I think there are people who just don’t feel safe in Calgary,” said one man in the area.

“The way the evacuations are going, it’s a lot harder than I think they were expecting.”