How a young doctor was saved from a life-threatening infection by his pet dog

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A young veterinary doctor who became infected with the coronavirus after caring for his pet is recovering after a quick hospitalisation, thanks to a simple canine act of kindness.

Dr A K Muthu was working at the parkway Veterinary Hospital on Sunday morning, when he was bitten by the highly contagious coronaviruses coronaviral and poliovirus.

“The bite was extremely painful, so we immediately took him to the nearest hospital and they performed a CT scan,” said Dr Muthun, who has since been discharged.

The dog, named Dwayne, had already tested positive for coronavivirus and was being monitored by the hospital’s infectious disease department.

Dr MUTHUN said the doctor was in a “state of shock” when he saw the dog’s CT scan.

“I couldn’t believe my eyes.

He was the nicest dog I’ve ever met.

It was a relief to see him like this,” he said.”

We immediately contacted the veterinary team who treated him and were told that it would be a week before he would be able to be discharged.

I had no idea how this would turn out,” Dr MTS said.

The team also informed Dr Mothu that the doctor’s “favourite” dog, Dwayne had tested positive.

“When Dwayne came to me with the news, I was a bit worried,” Dr. Muthune said.

“We didn’t expect the positive result, but the doctors at the hospital did everything they could to ensure Dwayne got treated quickly and safely.

The team is really grateful to the doctor for what he did for the dog.”

Dr Muthuntu’s pet dog Dwayne (pictured) is now recovering after being bitten by a human at the vet’s parkway hospital in Hyderabad.(Supplied: Muthunnu Veterinary Hospital)The veterinary team was able to determine that Dwayne was a good candidate for a CT scanning scan, which he underwent immediately.

“Once we had the scan, we immediately started the treatment protocol,” Dr S Muthus said.

Dwayne was treated with a cocktail of antiviral drugs, and was then transferred to the intensive care unit, where he is now being monitored.

“I’m glad that the dog is getting better.

We are hoping that it will be normal to see Dwayne again,” Dr D Muthuthun said.