What is a vet hospital?

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A veterinarian’s office is an area that specializes in diagnosing and treating disease.

A veterinary hospital can offer specialized care for a wide variety of ailments, from ear infections to tuberculosis to cataracts.

Vet hospitals are typically staffed by a veterinarian and a veterinarian’s assistant, and sometimes a veterinary nurse.

In addition to the specialized services, veterinarians often conduct research and perform other diagnostic tests, such as X-rays and ultrasounds.

A veterinarian can also perform surgeries, such like a mastectomy or hip replacement, on animals or people.

If a veterinarian is also the hospital’s primary care provider, he or she can take on other duties, such an as caring for a patient’s medical needs or providing medical equipment.

A pet may be taken to a veterinary hospital if the owner has a medical condition that requires a special care, such a a cancer, a heart condition, a diabetes or a stroke.

A vet hospital is where a pet is taken when he or her owner is unable to go to a veterinarian office or to a home with a vet.

A small pet may also be taken if the animal has a condition that affects its ability to be walked, or if a pet owner is in immediate danger of harm.