Vet clinic with $3 million contract in place in Adelaide

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Veterinary clinic with more than $3.5 million in funding secured a $3m deal with an Australian veterinary hospital to provide veterinary services in Adelaide, including intensive care and veterinary surgery.

The South Australian Government has secured $3million to fund veterinary care at the Adelaide Veterinary Hospital.

The contract is expected to be approved by the state’s veterinary licensing authority in the coming weeks, and is expected in the next two months.

Vet clinic with a contract in South Australia: Vet facility to be funded with $6 million source ABC News (SA) title Veterinary clinic will receive $3,800 per animal in Adelaide under a new contract with Animal Welfare Commission article Adelaide, SA – The South Australia Veterinary Hospital (AVH) has secured a new $3M contract to provide a range of services including intensive animal care, veterinary surgery and diagnostic testing.

The new agreement will see the AVH deliver intensive care to about 80 dogs, cats, ferrets, catsuits, pigs, chickens and turkeys for $4,800 a day.

The total cost of the contract is $7,500 a day, and the animal welfare commission is also funding about $2.4 million for the animal care contract, with a further $1.5m earmarked for diagnostic testing, the ABC reported.

Vets at the AVIH are expected to start working at the facility on Monday.